Wedding at Salisbury Registry Office: Krystian Graca Photography


Hi everyone. How are you? Today on the blog entry from the next session that I had the opportunity to photograph.

As a Wedding Photographer, it was an honor to shoot Arleta & Pawel’s Harewood Forest Engagement Photo Shoot. They chose TreeRunners for their session. A place that brought them many unforgettable memories. For people living in Andover and surrounding Hampshire Tree Runners is a place for active recreation that uses zip lines, snowboards and tarzan swings, as well as other challenges to go from tree to tree.

For me, as a wedding photographer, it is a perfect place to hold a wedding. Away from crowded places and urban buildings. Where the wedding guests do not bother anyone. Friends and family coming together and the emphasis being fun, laughter, plenty of drinking. Bar, stage, bonfire, racy decoration, old sofas and furniture, all set in a beautiful oak forest.

Going back to our engagement session. Arleta and Paweł are great. In the first place, I wanted to show the relationship that connects these couple of lovers. We had less than 15 minutes to take these stunning pictures before the sun hides behind the trees. And you know what? We managed to do it!

The next part of our session was very simple. They were having fun when I was taking pictures of it.